Principal: Notre Dame Schools offer many educational opportunities

By Portia Williams

February 1, 2014

By Portia Williams


Notre Dame Schools are committed to offering educational programs and activities that enhance the learning environment for their students, and inspire them to excel in education.

Ann Kemp, principal of Notre Dame Elementary School, said it has been a productive year thus far for their district.

“This is national Catholic Schools Week, but we did our National Catholic Schools Week in September, and we had an all schools Mass, and had activities planned. The students at the high school are doing some service work for National Catholic Schools Week. We have a bulletin board that is going to be going on about choosing Catholic schools, and Catholic education, and what that entails,” Kemp said.

According to Kemp, Notre Dame Schools seeking to attract students to their schools for the next year.

“Right now were are in the process of looking towards next year, and of course recruiting new students. There are a lot of scholarships available either through our building, or the Diocese, or through the Ohio Department of Education.”

Kemp said the elementary school held an awards assembly, recognizing students for honor roll and perfect attendance.

“Today we had our second quarter awards assembly, they were supposed to have been last week, but we were only in for one day due to the weather. For awards we do kindergarten through third grade. I give the students perfect attendance awards, or they get what’s called An Extra Terrific Award, and that is one special thing that a teacher has chosen to tell us about them, and I read that in front of the entire school,” she said.

Kemp said grades four, five and six have A- and B-honor roll awards.

“We also have what is called the 4.0 Club, and I had 12 students this quarter that made the 4.0, that means they had perfect report cards, straight A’s, and they will be treated to lunch with me next week,” she said.

She said Notre Elementary are the Quiz Bowl Champions for this year.

“This is our second year in a row for winning the Quiz Bowl, and we are very excited about that, so the students received rewards,” she said.

Kemp said some of the other successes for Notre Dame Elementary during this school year include two winners of the Spelling Bee, and five participants in the Science Fair, with two of the five students to go on to the District Science Fair.

“Although we do have sports programs here. We really emphasize academics here, and we continue that on through the seventh grade and through high school,” Kemp said.

She said they are currently working on a STEM project, which includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

“We co-worked with Soap Box Derby, and we make our own race cars, and actually race them at the Gravity Challenge in May. Last year we received fourth place,” she said.

She said Notre Dame Schools is also gearing up for their biggest event of the year, Bid Your Heart Out, which is set for Feb. 15.

Kemp said Notre Dame Schools has a myriad of educational opportunities for students to discover, and invites those who desire an innovative, friendly environment for their children to learn are welcome to visit the schools to learn more about the wonderful things that are happening inside of their school buildings.

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