Point-In-Time counts homeless population

By Portia Williams

January 31, 2014

By Portia Williams


Scioto County Housing Continuum dispatched teams of volunteers out into the freezing temperatures for the annual Point In-Time Count of the homeless in Scioto County. The count began at midnight on Tuesday, Jan. 28, and continued until midnight Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Maureen Cadogan of the local homeless shelter said performing the homeless counts can be very challenging.

“It can be very difficult because some people don’t want to be found. They are ashamed, hurt, wounded, and mad many times because of their situation and being homeless. They don’t want to be seen. They just want to get some where that is warm, and just get through the night,” Cadogan said.

When members of the SCHC go out for the count, they also take blankets, and clothing items to the homeless that are out on the street.

“They are grateful when you come and bring them a blanket, and something hot to drink, and things like that.” Cadogan said.

Point-In-Time Count consists of emergency shelters, transitional housing, supportive housing or sheltered, and the unsheltered population, people who are actually living on the streets.

Sheltered Homeless at Counseling Center/Compass Point: 49 adults 18 children, Marsh House: 12 men, St. Lucy’s House: 47, Stepping Stone House: 16, Second Chance: 32, Sojourner House: Five women, one child, one man, Haley House: Two men, Homeless Shelter: 22 men, 11 women, four children. Unsheltered homeless: 20

The unsheltered count of the homeless is a little bit lower than last year, but it’s just the thought that 19 people were out there on the streets in the cold with no shelter, Cadogan said. She said they are still waiting for a few more reports to come in which she hoped to receive by Friday.

“The counts are uncomfortable on both parts, be it is something that just has to be done. This is the way that we get funding to help those that find themselves in situations where they have no place to go,” Cadogan said.

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