Crisis services brought back to area

By Wayne Allen

January 18, 2014

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Counseling Center, in cooperation with the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board (ADAMHS), have brought crisis services back into the community. Earlier this week a Crisis Hotline was opened to serve the needs of residents of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto counties.

The Crisis Center assists, through referrals, those in need of mental health services and also drug treatment.

“We have Crisis Services and a Crisis Unit that’s being reborn within our community. This would not be possible without the help of the ADAMHS (Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health) Board and their leadership in recreating the Crisis Center hot line and the Crisis Center,” said Ed Hughes, with The Counseling Center. “We’ve been without this service for a couple of years now and its been difficult to serve people in crisis and to serve them in any comprehensive way.”

Susan Shultz, executive director of the ADAMHS Board, said the hotline is something the area has needed.

“We did have in the past a crisis unit for mental health clients and the funding had some shortage problems through the state and became to hard to sustain on our own,” Shultz said. “The Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Counties recognized a great need for a crisis center for the counties of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto for individuals who showed up at local emergency rooms and hails with either a mental health crisis, alcohol/drug crisis or both.”

She said the ADAMHS Board then approached the Director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Tracy Poluck for possible help in funding a crisis center in the area.

“The ADAMHS Board then sent out requests for proposals to area mental health and drug addiction agencies to develop and open a crisis center. The Counseling Center was selected by the board,” Shultz said.

Sean Davis, Crisis Center Program coordinator, said the center is a 10-bed facility serving residents of Scioto, Lawrence and Adams counties.

“We are working on admission standards and along with the services, will be a crisis hotline at 740-354-1010,” Davis said.

Davis said The Counseling Center will have trained staff what will answer the 24-hour crisis hotline. Workers from the center will respond to area hospitals.

“If they come into an area hospital with a mental health issue, a crisis assessment team will be sent to the hospital and an assessment will be done on the patient. At that time the decision will be whether or not the patient needs to go to a state hospital or refer them to services,” Davis said.

The Crisis Center’s 24-hour hotline is 740-354-1010, or toll free 1-855-381-1010. The services offered through the hotline include support, information, referral services, ambulatory opiate detox, individual and group counseling and diagnostic assessments. The center is open 24 hours a day, everyday, and assistance can be provided to resident of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Counties.

Those seek assistance must be 18 years of age or older experiencing a mental health or addiction related.

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