Weight loss tops list of New Year’s resolutions

By Portia Williams

December 31, 2013

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

With each new year, New Year’s resolutions become a source of motivation for transformation in the lives of many. The SOMC Life Center has programs and services in place to assist those who are seeking to shed pounds in the new year.

Jim Kolar, manager of the three SOMC Life Center facilities, said the beginning of each new year is a very busy as it relates to weight loss.

“The new year is the time that many people are focused on their health and getting in shape,” Kolar said.

He said the Life Center offers a host of programs and activities that can be beneficial for weight loss.

“We offer personal training services for one-on-one attention, if someone needs a little more motivation. Our personal trainers do a wonderful job at meeting that need,” Kolar said.

As healthy eating habits are essential in maintaining weight-loss, Kolar said nutritionists are available for helping to construct a well-balanced diet plan.

“We do not have a nutritionist in-house in our Life Center facilities, but we do have dietitians at SOMC that can provide those services free of charge to to Life Center members,” Kolar said.

Peggy Gemperline, of Rosemount, is taking steps to accomplish a New Year’s resolution is to lose weight in 2014. She said she endeavors to lose weight to improve her quality of life and health issues that she has.

“I would like to have less stress, and to feel better. I have 20 to 25 pounds that I need to lose. My doctors have told me that I am going to have osteoporosis, and I have some muscle wasting,” Gemperline said.

Gemperline said her occupation presents obstacles in fulfilling her New Year’s resolution for weight loss.

“I work in the pharmaceutical business. I am a nurse educator, and I am on the road all the time. This makes it difficult in trying to work with a trainer,” Gemperline said.

She said she will take advantage of health facilities in the hotels as she travels for her job.

“I will do what I can do, everywhere that I go. I have access to the free exercise rooms. When I am home, I plan on walking each morning, and will probably get a membership at one of the Life Center facilities,” Gemperline said.

For the dietary component of weight loss, Gemperline said she will also connect with Weight Watchers online program.

“I need to get into a routine of packing my lunch, and planning my menu because I am on the road all of the time,” Gemperline said. I don’t mind eating fruit, and protein, and foods that don’t have to be micro-waved. I just have to get into the routine of taking the right foods with me as I travel.”

She said she hopes that incorporating regular cardiovascular exercise and good eating habits will be enough to counteract osteoporosis, as well as enable her to be successful with her New Year’s resolution of losing at least 20 pounds.

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