You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

December 29, 2013

Heck’s Department Store submitted by Timothy Bradley

Tara Watkins wrote: I remember the store so well. New Boston.

EmmaJean Vaughn-Hodge wrote: Wasn’t there one on Market Street?

Todd Reed wrote: My dad was the Santa Claus at Heck’s for years.

Kathy Browning wrote: This was my first job! I worked there for 2 years!

Erik Mcginnis wrote: Most vivid memory of Heck’s was my grandpa Berndt saying “Heck let’s go to Heck’s”.

Sharon Fraley wrote: At the time it was the best and only place to shop.

Paige Harmon Maston wrote: I loved Heck’s. For those of us who lived in West Portsmouth, it was the easiest-to-get-to discount department store. My mom would say “Let’s run to Heck’s” and it was easy to get in and out. Going to Kmart or Harts was more of a “trip” for those of us on the West end of the county!

Joe Petry wrote: Used to live next to this store.

Kimberly Patrick wrote: My granny worked there when it first opened.

Ruth Scott wrote: Loved that store!

David Montgomery wrote: I played in the Glenwood High School band on opening day of this store. It was biggest thing that happened in New Boston that year.

Dawn Sandoval wrote: When I was a little girl we would go there (the one on Market Street) and I used to think the name was a “bad word”! LOL!