Romanello releases holiday music

By Wayne Allen

December 24, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

Scioto County native Dana Romanello has released her rendition of the classic holiday song ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas.’

When asked what her inspiration was to release this song, Romanello said, “I’ve always loved that song and it has a lot of family meaning.”

Romanello said the song brings out the family aspect of the tune and also the festive aspect.

“The first time the song is played it’s more of a sentimental version and we pick it up have the more Christmas party version for the last half of the song,” Romanello said. “I’ve always loved that song and think it really reflects this time of year and especially for my family. Like with any family this time of year is a time of transition, with a lot of expanding in the family, which is a beautiful thing. We’re also losing some of the traditions that you grow up with as a child. That can be challenging and hard especially on the emotions this time of year.”

Romanello said her release of ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ is an attempt to hold on to those traditions.

“My passion for this song started when my brother Wes and I went to Marshall University. I was a cheerleader there for four years, then Wes came along and was on the football team for two years. His second year there was the fall of 2004, which was when I was finishing my degree” Romanello said. “My eligibility as a student athlete had run out so. I did not cheer that season. But we (Marshall Football) went to Fort Worth (Texas) for a bowl game.”

Romanello said, Wes traveled to the game with the football team, while she and her family made other arrangements to get there.

“We had a connection in Chicago, where a blizzard was happening, so we got stuck on Christmas Eve,” Romanello said. “We were supposed to fly back that day and ended up getting stuck in Chicago, all of this meant that Wes was home by himself.”

She said this happened to be one of the few times the family did not pack carry-on bags. So, in an effort to make the best out of the situation they went to a Target close by to get the essentials to get them through the night and home the next day.

“We finally made it home and Wes had a fire going with the song, I’ll Be Home for Christmas playing as we arrived,” Romanello said. “That is one of my favorite Christmas memories and that’s why I really wanted to record that song.”

Romanello said this is the first time she has recorded a Christmas song, with the response being positive.

“The response to song has been great I’ve had a lot of friends, family and fans say they’ve enjoyed the song,” Romanello said.

As for upcoming plans, Romanello said in March of 2014 she plans to release an EP of four new songs.

In describing the songs on the EP, Romanello said they are contemporary bluegrass.

Romanello said she is preparing for an upcoming acting role.

“I’m also going back to my musical theater days, in a country music kind of way. I will be playing Annie Oakley, in the musical Annie Get Your Gun, with a theater company in Hendersonville, Tenn.,” Romanello said. “That will run from Feb. 13 to March 3.”

Romanello said she is both excited and nervous about the performances.

“I’ve done some acting, just recently I’ve been in a couple of episodes of the show Nashville,” Romanello said. “Annie is a fiery girl, you’re putting on that southern accent, your talking really loudly and then you have to sing. After you have been pretty much screaming through all of this dialogue, needless to say it’s been a workout for my vocal cords, but so much fun.”

For concert dates or more information about Romanello visit, www.danaromanello.net. Romanello’s music can also be purchased from all major digital music retailers.

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