You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

December 1, 2013

Ray Ferguson, my father-in-law, Ran several service stations over the years. Submitted by Rhett Butler

John Parker wrote: Great guy in our neighborhood. He had a pretty sweet record collection if I remember right.

Jan Ferguson Butler wrote: Most people know him from old BP or SOHIO station on corner of Coles Blvd & Scioto Trail. Everyone called him Fergie.

Jan Ferguson Butler wrote: Great record collection lol drove us crazy with it!

Joseph Ferguson wrote: I have that priceless collection…and I talk to him regularly…he’s 85 and his birthday is on Christmas day!

Jeff Valentine wrote: My father, Harold Valentine, ran the Sohio station that sat at Offnere and Robinson. I started working there at age 14 in 1975 until he was given the new Sohio station in Wheelersburg where the BP station now sits. I remember him talking about Fergie back then.

Brian McCallister wrote: Ole Fergie…I didn’t know how to take him when I first met him many years ago. I got to know him and took right up with him.

Jan Thompson wrote: Cool picture!

Brian McCallister wrote: Fergie did work in the Burg when it was Sohio and it turned to BP