Blue Lace project involves a Portsmouth company

By Wayne Allen

December 1, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Blue Lace Project is an idea that originated with the New York-based company Flint and Tinder. Their idea is to restore the practice of purchasing products made in the USA.

Behind that thinking, Flint and Tinder has partnered with Portsmouth based Sole Choice inc., to manufacture shoe laces for the Blue Lace Project, a www.kickstarter.com project.

According to the project description, “We (Flint and Tinder) asked more than a thousand retailers why they don’t carry more domestically produced products. They all said the same thing: ‘Our customers don’t care about domestically produced products.’ We need your help to prove them wrong.”

Flint and Tinders Kick Starter project goal was to raise $25,000 to mass produce the blue laces. As of Saturday afternoon pledges totaled $85,506 with 6,617 backers.

“We were contacted by Flint and Tinder who had heard about us through another consumer of ours in New York City. They (Flint and Tinder) are a company based out of New York City that started a year and a half ago making men’s underwear made in the USA,” said Bryan Davis, Vice President of Sales for Sole Choice Inc. “They contacted us about a lace program, we were not sure what they wanted to do.”

Davis said the company wanted to have a shoelace that screams made in America.

The project description states, “We asked one of America’s very last shoelace manufacturers (Sole Choice, Inc.) to produce the very best shoelace they’d ever made. Adding extra pressure to the pot, we promised that if they could develop something truly impressive, it had the potential to become more than just a simple shoelace; it could become a symbol.

This symbol could do more than just help their business, it could help break the ongoing cycle of outsourcing and making things cheaper, faster and worse. It could help all American manufacturers.”

Davis said the lace is a triple-dense, double-waxed canvas lace tipped in Aluminum.

According to the project description, “Flint and Tinder wanted to put the lace to the test. They called upon American strongman Matt Mills and asked him to put the laces to the test.

With nothing but a single pair of Blue Laces linking his harness to a set of ultra-heavy duty tow straps, Mills was able to pull a 13,000 pound truck.”

The project has proven to be a success so far.

“On the second day the Blue Lace Project had exceeded their goal and called us and tripled their order and they don’t think that’s the end,” Davis said. “It’s all to support American manufacturing and to show people they need to support made in the USA products.”

Davis said the average life span of the blue laces are a couple of years. He said on a normal lace the life span is around six months.

In the project description video, Jake Bronstein with Flint and Tinder states, “If they’re (Blue Laces) strong enough to pull a 13,000 pound truck, they’re probably tough enough for whatever you’ll put them through…they just might be sturdy enough to pull us all together.”

For more information about the Blue Lace Project visit, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jakehimself/the-bluelace-project-a-revolution-built-one-foot-a?ref=live.

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