Recounts leave races unchanged

By Wayne Allen

November 27, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Board of Elections metTuesday evening to conduct a hand recount on three races that were to close to call during the certification process last week.

When asked about the results of the recount Julia Gearheart, Director of the Scioto County Board of Elections said, “Everything stayed the same.”

The races that were recounted include Vernon Township Trustee, in which four candidates were running for two open seats. Mart Wicker received 267 votes and Rodney C. Wright received 250 votes. Jeffery Dallas Hall received 249 votes and Fred Wicker received 238 votes.

The recount was initiated on this race because Rodney C. Wright received 250 votes and Jeffery Dallas Hall received 249 votes. Wright was declared the winner, with one more vote than Hall.

The Otway Village Current Expenses levy had to be recounted because it ended in a tie vote. After the recount the vote was still tied and fails as a result.

The village still has a year of funding left on the levy and have taken out paperwork to have the levy on the primary ballot.

In Rarden Township Trustee race five candidates were running for three open positions. Michelle Adams received 85 votes, Terry Foster received 69 votes, Jarrald R. Osborne received 43 votes Karen Rivers received 85 votes and Frank Williams received 158 votes.

According to Randy Basham, Chairman of the Scioto County Board of Elections according to rules from the secretary of states office, a coin toss was held and Rivers won.

At the time of certification Basham explained that after the recount if the vote is still tied, the candidate that won the coin toss is the winner.

For more information about the Scioto County Board of Elections at, www.electionsonthe.net/oh/scioto.

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