You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

November 17, 2013

Lewis Pie Entrance submitted by Timothy Bradley

Jules Arnold wrote: Went through that door a many, many times with my mom.

Myrtle Cornwell Kitchen wrote: They made the best pies in town, love those cream pies.

Tammy Callihan Malott wrote: We used to live across the alley. They smelled so good in the mornings. I loved that place. I slept with my bedroom window open just to smell the pies.

Jo Ann Aeh wrote: I bought all my pies there. Had to learn to make them myself when they closed.

Stacy Hempill wrote: Where was it located?

Eugene Dee Russell wrote: In the alley between 4th and 5th Street right off of Offnere west side of the street.

Belinda Evans wrote: Spent 90% of my childhood in that alley. We lived on Glover and my grandparents lived right across the street on 4th. My mom would let us take the pie pan back for a nickel deposit then we would go to Richard’s News and buy candy.

Mike Batterson wrote: We used to live just a couple of blocks from this place. A lot of good pies came out that door.

Eugene Dee Russell wrote: The spot is now a paved parking lot.

David Greenwood wrote: I can remember delivering papers here and walking through that door!

Jeff Johnson wrote: My Aunt worked at the pie shop for years. She would always give me a piece of blackberry pie when we came in. Thanks Aunt Lee!