Resident addresses city energy costs

By Frank Lewis

November 16, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Portsmouth resident Kurt McGraw told Portsmouth City Council a company he is involved with has done a study and that the city can save $105,000, 23 percent, on it’s utilities costs.

“I’m not here to ask for money,” McGraw said. “I’ve tried to find a way my company could probably save the city a considerable amount of money on their utilities.”

McGraw said his company was able to obtain the bills for electricity and natural gas from City Auditor Trent Williams.

“You are currently under contract with a majority of your accounts with a company called FirstEnergy Solutions. I believe that’s up in March,” McGraw said. “There is also six-million kilowatts that are not under contract. So we did a proposal for the accounts that are not under contract.”

McGraw said he does not work for a single energy company, and that, in fact, FirstEnergy Solutions is one of his company’s partners. He said the city has 28 accounts currently not under contract, so his company used those accounts to get bids.

“We reverse bid your kilowatts. They have no idea who this is. They basically take the usage. They contact AEP, check what time of day, peak months, peak hours, and basically come back with a price based on how much you use,” McGraw said. “You will see it is considerable savings, close to $105,000 a year, a 23 percent savings. It comes out to about $8,700 a month in savings. There is no cost to the city. I have not charged a fee. Basically we’re only talking about your generation and transmission charges. Your tariffs, everything stays the same; bills still come from AEP. Nothing changes except the rate you are paying for those services.”

McGraw was speaking during the segment in which members of the public are permitted to speak on items not on that night’s agenda. City Council did not indicate if they will consider the proposal.

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