You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

November 11, 2013

Montgomery Wards submitted by Bob Craycraft

Pat Cleary wrote: I used to be in their Easter Mother/Daughter fashion shows. That was fun.

Bob Craycraft wrote: I used to like the hot turkey sandwiches in Ward’s fifth floor cafeteria. Kobackers also had a small snack bar on their second floor just to the left of their elevator. It was the first microwave (for pizza) I remember. Totally “Jetsons” and just what you expected in Ohio’s Atomic City.

Trish Spears Reynolds wrote: Great picture of Wards. I miss shopping for clothes in our downtown area. Loved going to town. At least some of us have memories.

Marsha Rase wrote: My mom worked in the catalog department at Wards.

Cecil McCormick wrote: Dad bought our first chain saw there.

Dee Foit wrote: That darn escalator ate my shoestring, thought for sure it was gonna eat me! So glad for my bub for pulling me out of my shoe. Thankful I survived! Refuse to ride them things to this day! lol

James Carver wrote: Had a sister at a young age going there with our father, when they entered the “bathroom department” my sister took a nature call in a display toilet.

Doretha Wilson Weyant wrote: First escalators I ever rode on. I was scared they would eat my feet.