Compass opens news facility

By Frank Lewis

November 7, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Andy Albrecht, Executive Director of The Counseling Center said it is appropriate that the newest Compass Community Health facility is celebrating its grand opening in November, Gratitude Month.

“And we’re etremely grateful for our new location here at 411 Court St., The Counseling Center,” Albrecht said.

“The use of this facility is to be able to consolidate and centralize all of the outpatient services that we have provided,” Ed Hughes, CEO of Compass Community Health, said. “We have grown so rapidly over the last few years in terms of trying to meet the need of people who are addicted or have alcohol problems and their families and their children, and also trying to meet their health care needs, that for a period of time, we were very fragmented. We had various offices around town. We were trying to serve people, so this particular facility offers us a great opportunity to bring that all together.”

Hughes said The Counseling Center has approximately 60 counselors, case managers and other staff located at what is the former Scudder School, and they serve around 150 people every day.

“We would not have been able to do that in the way that we are doing it with the efficiency, and being able to make sure that people are able to access health care services, drug and alcohol treatment, mental health services and do that all within the same building,” Hughes said.

Hughes said the opening of the Court Street location gives them access to their plan to offer holistic care for their patients.

“We have been working our way there over a long period of time,” Hughes said. “Twenty years ago we knew that to be successful with somebody’s drug and alcohol treatment, we are probably going to have to address their diabetes, or you’re going to have to address the fact that they’re homeless, or that they don’t have a job. So we have done that in bits and pieces. But over the last four or five years is when we have really been able to get the health care services developed, housing programs, job development and employment services for all of our clients who come through here. And I think, for the first time, we really feel we truly are. We at least have framework in place for that holisitic approach.”

Hughes said now, when somebody comes in with a health care problem, they may also have a drug problem, and maybe have a mental health issue, don’t have a job and they may live in housing that is not conducive to the continuation of their recovery process.

“I think that for the first time I can confidently say we are able to address all of those issues, at least to some extent for everybody who comes here,” Hughes said.

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