You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

October 28, 2013

Smith’s Drugs on Chillicothe Street mid-1950s- Submitted by Jason Kinskey

Jason Kinskey wrote: This is iconic for me because of the Ideal Ice Cream sign, but I thought the bus was cool too.

Bonnie Jett wrote: That’s the way I remember that corner.

Loretta Keyser wrote: Oh my gosh, this is the corner I remember it on. I ate candy from there nearly every school day. We would pool our pennies together and share something.

Mike Clifford wrote: I can still remember the endless sound of the clatter of dishes as I sat at the counter.

Marylin Ottney wrote: Mom used to take my sister and me there for a hamburger and fries.

Vickie Detty wrote: The man leaning against the wall and the lady in the white top look just like my parents Roy and Betty Raines.

Myrtle Hatfield Lewis wrote: I worked here in the snack bar while attending business college- great food.

Debbie Phipps wrote: My first cherry coke at the soda fountain!