Two stabbed on Buckley Avenue

October 27, 2013

Joseph Pratt

PDT Contributor

Two sheriff vehicles, three Portsmouth Police and two ambulances responded to the report of a knife fight on Buckley Avenue Sunday afternoon around noon. The fight reportedly broke out between Willard Akins, age 63, of Buckley Avenue, Kenneth Fletcher of Castle Street, and Frank Scarberry of Harding Avenue, after a verbal confrontation involving their children.

According to Detective Jim Charles of the Portsmouth Police Department, “Scarberry came over to talk to parents of his children’s friend. He was talking to Willard Akins, the father of the boy. An argument ensues, some punches were thrown at this point and then Frank pulls a knife out of his pocket.”

Charles said that Kenneth Fletcher was called to help pull Scarberry and Akins apart and was stabbed in his forearm by Scarberry. Scarberry then went for Willard Akins and stabbed him in the back. He said that he didn’t see any of the victims’ wounds, but Fletcher seemed to be wounded on his forearms and Akins’s wounds were more serious.

Fletcher was treated and released at an undisclosed Columbus hospital, and Monday afternoon, Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Ware said Akins was still in stable condition at a Huntington hospital.

“A gentleman came over and we asked him to leave. We had a party, a bonfire for my 13-year-old little brother. I found three little girls that was kind of indecent so I made them call their parents, because I don’t tolerate anything like that. I’m 27 years old. There ain’t going to be no baby making in nobody’s field,” said Amanda Biars, daughter of Willard Akins, describing as what was the incident that led up to the stabbings.

Biars was distraught and covered in her father’s blood during police questioning and the arrest of Scarberry. She said that she and her family asked Scarberry to leave multiple times after he showed up and began an argument over events that happened the night before. Biars said Scarberry refused to leave and began to yell and cause a disturbance. She told the Times that Fletcher was the first person on the scene to be stabbed by Scarberry, followed by her father Willard Akins.

“There was blood everywhere; I couldn’t get him to stop bleeding. I put my shirt on him and just wouldn’t stop bleeding. He stabbed Kenny, too,” Biars said.

Family members of Akins reported that he is diabetic and had been prescribed a blood thinning medication, which was why they had a complicated time stopping his bleeding. Biars said that Scarberry didn’t flee the scene of the crime after stabbing Akins and Fletcher. He also did not need to be restrained before police came, she said; he stood at the corner of the street, silently, after telling everyone that he didn’t mean to commit the stabbings.

Scarberry was arrested by Portsmouth Police.

There has been no further report on the conditions of Fletcher or Akins at this time.