Boneyfiddle Art Center calling all artists

October 20, 2013

Joseph Pratt

PDT Contributor

The Boneyfiddle Arts Center (BAC) is calling all artists this fall, requesting submissions for their second mixed media arts contest. The last contest was held two years ago and after a positive turnout, BAC has decided to run it again. Submissions are being accepted through Oct. 26 and an exhibit will be hosted from Nov. 9 to Dec. 7 with all of the work.

Mixed media is accomplished by mixing more than one singular form of visual arts.

“Mixed media is accomplished when you make a collage and then add some acrylic paint to it, or you have a watercolor and you put a little bit of wax on it,” BAC director Jamie Benedict said. “So it’s when the mediums, whether it is watercolor, acrylic, oil, clay paper collage, as soon as you start layering different individual mediums that you get the mixed media category.”

The contest is sponsored through the City of Portsmouth and the Scioto County Retired Teachers Association. Benedict believes that the sponsorships are important, because it is acknowledgment that people are fostering the belief that the visual arts is important and that a city really needs to embrace what the local artists create.

“The visual arts are a major attraction that people notice when they travel,” Benedict said. “You want people to say it was a great city, that there were a lot of visual art, the stores had a lot of visuals and it was just a fun place to be.”

There are two categories for artwork to be submitted into, adult and youth categories. Both categories have a cash prize for the top three winners.

Youth category entries apply to those that are in elementary school through high school and have an entry fee of $5. Adult category entries have an entry fee of $25, which allows the artist to submit up to three entries to be judged.

All entries must be presented properly and must be matted, mounted or framed with the name of the artist, title of the piece, medium, address of the artist and a contact phone number on the back. The artwork must be ready to hang when BAC receives it. All artwork also needs to be priced to sale, with BAC receiving a 35 percent commission. All two-dimensional artwork must be between 8-by-10 and 24-by-36.

“We really just want any kind of creative people, even if they haven’t entered before, to take that step forward and show their work,” Jamie Benedict said. “A lot of people will venture into creative things and do it in isolation and by themselves, but it isn’t until they step forward and take ownership of their creativity do they really grow. This is not only good for their work, but for meeting other artists.”