New technology enhances learning at Notre Dame Schools

By Portia Williams

October 15, 2013

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

The Notre Dame Schools continue to upgrade their technology in order to keep pace with today’s world and the advances in technology.

Teachers can use apps and interactive media in connection with textbooks to help their students learn in innovative ways.

Gwyn Barker, a mathematics teacher at Notre Dame High School said Smart boards and iPads enhance the learning environment for the students.

“The iPads are such a great feature for our students, the apps that are available for so many different things. Everybody loves technology, and the visuals are just amazing,” Barker said.

Students at the high school are learning with the use of 65 iPads some of which were purchased by another anonymous donor.

Students at Notre Dame Elementary have access to new technology as well. Every classroom at Notre Dame Elementary now has a Smart board and the preschool classes are enjoying the use of Smart Tables.

An anonymous donor provided iPad Minis at the elementary so that the upper grades at the elementary can begin to learn to utilize these new tools for learning.

Storage carts are housed on the first and second floors so that teachers can wheel the carts into their room to disperse the iPads to their students.

The carts also have the ability to sync and charge the iPads together. Stephanie Patmore, one of the English teachers at the high school, said they upgraded their network.

“Notre Dame High School recently upgraded its network to wireless throughout the entire building which allows new technology that is WiFi only to access information found on the Internet,” Patmore said.

Barker said the students throughly enjoy having access to the new technologies and will continue put them to good use.

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