‘Window shopping’

By Frank Lewis

September 30, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Chip Horr was sitting in his office at Vandervort’s Ace Hardware Monday afternoon when his world began to shake.

“It felt like an earthquake,” Horr said. “We’ve had some earthquakes, and I’ve felt them. On the first floor you don’t, but you do on the second floor, where I was. Then I thought it was a crash outside. I could hear it and feel it, and it sounded like a crash outside.”

It turns out that the crash was not outside his store, but inside. A truck, reportedly driven by Gene Vice, came crashing through the front door window.

“Tim Loper and Seth McKenzie (employees) were both standing right by the door,” Horr said. “Nobody was hurt. The driver was not hurt at all.”

The truck was towed away and the glass was replaced as Horr assessed the damage to the overhang that leads to the door.

“We were very pleased that the driver was not injured and that none of our employees or customers were standing in front of the door when the accident happened,” Horr said. “We were blessed that two of our customers, Mike of A-1 Glass and Greg from Oak Tree Construction, drove by within 15 minutes and had their crews working as soon as the truck was towed out. They immediately began to clean up the area and built walls to shore up the ceiling so the roof would not fall. We reopened in a couple of hours.”

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