Man arrested on drug manufacturing charges

By Frank Lewis

September 24, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

A man who reportedly kept meth chemicals in a box of his children’s diapers has been charged with illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs and endangering children. According to Portsmouth Police, officers responded to 2424 C 17th St., Friday, on a complaint that the people there were cooking methamphetamine. When officers arrived they said they could smell ether.

Once admitted to the apartment, officers said they noticed the odor of ether and found the occupants, David R. Neff, 29, and his wife, in the bedroom. They were awakened and advised of the complaint. The woman advised officers her two children, a two-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl, were living there, and that her husband stays there occasionally.

She then gave officers consent to search the apartment, and during the search they located the children in their bedrooms. Out back, inside a garbage can, police said they located an empty box of salt, rubber tubing, an empty can of starting fluid, a blue tube with an attached gauge, glass tubes and a baggy with white powder residue.

Sergeant Steve Timberlake said he advised the woman of ther Miranda Rights and asked her who was cooking meth and she advised it was David Neff. She reportedly told them he had cooked the meth two days earlier to sell to pay bills and buy diapers and other necessities. She also reportedly said he did not cook the meth in the apartment, but on the back patio.

David Neff then, according to officers, admitted that he cooked the meth and used some of it and sold the rest to make a car payment and buy diapers and other items.

When asked if there was any more meth making materials, waste or meth in the apartment, Neff reportedly told them there was a red bag in his son’s bedroom that had materials in it. Officers checked the room but found nothing. That’s when the woman told them to look in a hall closet. Inside the closet, officers said they found a box of diapers, and in the box they found a red bag that contained a Minute Maid bottle with iodized salt, a bottle of Liquid Lightning drain cleaner, coffee filters, a baggy with 100 percent lye, a Gatorade bottle with clear liquid and an off white substance, which Neff reportedly identified as Coleman fuel, starting fluid, ammonium nitrate and cold pills as well as plastic tubing. Neff also reportedly told them there was a partial can of Coleman fuel and a can of starting fluid in the storage shed. Timberlake recovered those items as well. During the search, officers said the found a baggy with five lithium batteries in his left front pocket.

Neff was asked where the waste from the cook was and he reportedly told them he had taken it out of the city and burned it. He was arrested on the two charges and transported to the Scioto County Jail. Officers said additional charges and suspects will be presented to the Scioto County grand jury.

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