SOMC births

By Portia Williams

September 22, 2013

Sept. 8

Brittany Parker of Wheelersburg, son

Felicia Cook and Stuarte Moore of Portsmouth, daughter

Daniel Keaton and Megan Keaton of McDermott, son

Sept. 9

Earl Twinam II and Whitney Potter of Wheelersburg, daughter

William and Heather Greene of Lucasville, daughter

Lori and Frankie Harper of Lucasville, daughter

Sarah Coyle and Paul Engle of Portsmouth, son

Lisa Satterfield and Roger Stevens of Stout, daughter

Alissa Cronin of New Boston, daughter

Sept. 10

Brandy Delcourt and Josh Stapleton of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Tamra Holston and David Stapleton of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Cynthia Lee of Wheelersburg, son

Doug and Tiffany Parker of Peebles, daughter

Richard and Brandy Smith of Portsmouth, daughter

Sept. 11

Juanita Barrett and Joseph Barrett of Portsmouth, son

Anthony and Brandy Stillwell of Waverly, son

Natashi Pyles and Jordan James of Portsmouth, daughter

Chad and Lorie Evans of Garrison, Ky., daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Carrie Wooten of Lucasville, son

Sept. 12

John and Kylie Fenton of Wheelersburg, son

Tabitha Ramey and Justin Miller of New Boston, daughter

Lindsey Deweese and Dale Duckwiler Jr. of Piketon, son

Sept. 13

Tamara Clifton and Jesse Kerns of Ironton, son

Sept. 15

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Evans of Waverly, son

Sept. 16

Sara Leedom of Portsmouth, daughter

Ronni D. Evans and Joshua E. Day of West Portsmouth, daughter

Candace and Terry Noel of Portsmouth, son

Harry and Desirey Walters of Portsmouth, daughter