NB councilman questions ordinance

By Ryan Ottney

September 19, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

Members of New Boston Village Council on Tuesday gave second reading to an ordinance to amend the village secretary’s job description to include additional duties. The description currently assigns the secretary, Jessica Grant, to assist the mayor and the deputy village administrator, however the village has no deputy administrator and she has instead been assisting the administrator. Council asked for an ordinance to amend her description to also include the village administrator.

Councilman Dan Fetty raised concern about this ordinance, worried that it might increase the secretary’s workload and require a pay raise.

“In our first reading, we had discussion regarding a pay increase if this was passed. We currently have a proposal into the finance committee regarding salaries for all positions. I make a motion that we suspend this ordinance,” Fetty said. “If there’s a proposal in the finance committee, I think we’re doing the rest of the employees an injustice to pass this now.”

Councilman Jon Mills explained that it will be no additional work for the secretary; the ordinance only aligns the position with the responsibilities she is already performing. It is not a promotion, he said, and would not necessarily require a pay increase. Mills said the secretary is hired by the mayor and funded through the mayor’s executive budget, and if he wanted to give her a promotion that is within his power, and his budget.

“Whether you do table this or not, he can still promote her whether there’s extra work or not. Just as they as they promote in (the fire department),” said Councilman Junior Williams. “As far as I know, I don’t know if we can stop the mayor if he wants to promote somebody.”

After brief discussion, council voted unanimously to accept the second reading of the ordinance. It will not be in affect until it passes a third reading at the next council meeting on Oct. 1.

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