You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

September 15, 2013

Eclipse Livery Stable on Second Street in 1896 submitted by Andrew Lee Feight

Andrew Lee Feight wrote: This structure, currently occupied by Wright Farm Center, was built by T.M. Lynn in October 1855. In addition to stables, the Eclipse ran a fleet of horse-drawn taxi cabs. The third floor of the original structure no longer appears to exist. This image is brought to you by the Digital History Lab at Shawnee State University.

Karen Sue Wikoff wrote: Wasn’t there a connection to a horse they had that modeled for Currier & Ives?

Andrew Lee Feight wrote: I dug a little deeper and found that Lynn was the owner of Dan Rice, the famous horse which Currier & Ives depicted in one of their prints.

Eugene Dee Russell wrote: Great photo and history lesson. I loved it when Wright’s would have baby chicks in the front windows.

Bonnie Jett wrote: We buy birdseed in there all the time. Never knew its history except it’s an old building.

Linda Arthur Jennings wrote: Thanks Andrew! It really helps me place things when people include what is currently in the building or what was there recently.