You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

August 18, 2013

Fred Brown and Scioto County Sheriff Burl Justice- Submitted by Jim Detty

Mary Adams Gregory wrote: Nice picture! Now this picture does remind me of Mayberry!

Cindy Medley Balach wrote: Mom told me that she and grandpa used to go and watch them uncover the new cars every year.

Craig Shaw wrote: Where was this building? Looks very familiar with those tile overhangs. Was this on Washington St. before the “new” Fred Brown dealership was built?

Mary Barbara Adams Davis wrote: This is on 5th & Washington. My grandpa Ruth worked in the service dept. I used to stop on my way home from St. Mary’s to see him. Great picture and great memories!!

AJ Gemperline wrote: What ever happened to Fred Brown’s Collection? One was the Limo that was behind JFK’s car when he was shot in Dallas.

Lisa Mamas wrote: When Fred moved to Columbus, the collection stayed in Portsmouth for a while and then slowly moved north. Some were later sold and some went to museums.

Craig Shaw wrote: The vehicle directly behind JFK when he was assassinated and once owned by Fred Brown is now in a museum near Chicago.

Jim Detty wrote: Several of our “car experts” have narrowed the cruiser down to either a 1954 or 1955 Oldsmobile. A sad note to this picture. Sheriff Burl Justice was accidentally shot on February 13, 1958 by a twelve year old child during a tour of the County Jail, and passed away from complications three months later. His wife Lucille (already an employee at the sheriff’s office) filled his remaining term until the next election, making her the only female Sheriff in the history of Scioto County.