County meets with officials over use of facility

By Wayne Allen

August 14, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

On Tuesday the Scioto County Commissioners were scheduled to meet with members of the Compass Community Health Board of Directors to talk about the importance of the Second Chance Center. Todd Book, Scioto County Interim Economic Development Director ended up taking the meeting with Compass Community Health.

“We had an informational meeting with some of the board members of Compass Community Health. They wanted to reiterate to the commissioners the importance of their program and the benefits it provides to the community,” Book said.

When asked what the next steps are going to be Book said, “I think the commissioners are reviewing their various options with the understanding that there is an ongoing relationship with Compass Community Health. (They are) evaluating all of their options and should be continuing contact and discussions with them over the next week or two.”

Jay Hash, Associate Director/Clinical Director for The Counseling Center left the meeting with a positive outlook.

“It was a positive discussion, and we appreciate the opportunity to share our concerns with the commissioners,” he said.

Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners Mike Crabtree said his perspective has not changed on the situation.

“They want to renew that lease and at this point we are still waiting to hear something from (Scioto County Sheriff) Marty (Donini). When I talked to one of the (Lawrence County) commissioners they said the only thing they would be interested in at this point would be 5- 10 additional beds,” Crabtree said. “They (5-10 additional beds) are not going to keep the doors open on that place. I’m not in a position to evict anyone and all that would mean is we would start to pay utilities on something we’re not paying anything on at the moment.”

Crabtree said he has received pressure from both sides of the issue and it would be hard to predict a time table moving forward.

“I can’t tell you what kind of a time frame your looking at. It’s something that could happen down the road and maybe nothing at all will happen,” Crabtree said. “Anything we do do is going to be done intelligently and it’s going to be well thought out. There are some issues we’re dealing with here, were looking at all of our options and trying to which is the best way to go. At the same time until we get something set in stone from Marty, then there would be no interest in closing that facility as far as I’m concerned. I can’t speak for everybody but I don’t see any point in making an empty structure out of it again, assuming that somethings going to happen.”

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