Solid waste board rejects interim settlement offer

By Wayne Allen

August 14, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The board of the Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District (LSSWMD) met in regular session on Tuesday to discuss a number of topics including pending litigation with the Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization.

It’s been eight months since LSSWMD cut ties with the Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization.

Caught in the middle of what appears to be a messy divorce between the two organizations is the question of who owns the vehicles that LSSWMD employees were driving at the time of the separation.

Both LSSWMD and CAO have stated claim for the vehicles.

The vehicles include, a 2008 GMC “Savana Pass Van 3500”, a 2006 GMC Envoy, a 2010 limited edition Econo Hauler utility trailer, a Leonard open utility trailer, a 2008 Pontiac G6 and a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox.

Since the dispute began, information and documents have been gathered from both sides trying to seek a resolution to the issue. Unable to come to a resolution, LSSWMD filed documents in March with the Lawrence County Common Pleas Court asking for a declaratory judgment.

At the Tuesday meeting of the LSSWMD, the board voted to reject an interim settlement offer made by the Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization.

According to LSSWMD chairman of the board Freddie Hayes — a Lawrence County Commissioner — the interim offer included the LSSWMD leasing the vehicles in question from Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization for a fee, until the issue is settled in court.

“We rejected leasing the cars off of them (Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization). It’s to late now, we don’t need to lease them, we’ve got cars to use. We are going to have to wait until this settles in court,” Hayes said.

The LSSWMD Board of Directors is made up of the Commissioners from Scioto and Lawrence counties.

Lawrence County Commissioners Les Boggs and Bill Pratt are also members of the Ironton Lawrence County Community Action Organization board of directors and excused themselves from the meeting before discussions started about the offer.

Voting to reject the offer was Hayes, Scioto County Commissioners Mike Crabtree, Doug Coleman and Skip Riffe.

In July, Scioto County Commissioners Chairman Mike Crabtree said when it comes to agreeing on what a fair settlement would be, “we all have our personal opinions. I think what it’s going to boil down to is, what’s the best decision to make and how to get this issue behind us.”

The next regularly scheduled LSSWMD board meeting is in November.

For more information about the LSSWMD visit www.lsswmd.org.

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