You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

August 4, 2013

Scioto County Fairgrounds in 1907- Submitted by Linda Arthur Jennings

Craig Shaw wrote: This appears to be looking south on Fairground Road.

Jim Detty wrote: Craig, I believe you are correct. Back then Fairground Road was known as the Chillicothe Turnpike which later became Route 23. It was known as that until the early 1950s when Rt. 23 was rebuilt as a four-lane highway immediately west of this across the railroad tracks.

Dawn Sandoval wrote: Even as a kid I loves looking at the quilts and other things the ladies made and displayed there, and the smell of all the barns, getting to pet the horses muzzles, and looking at all the animals. And eating elephant ears!

Jim Detty wrote: According to the History Of Lucasville printed in 1968, the first fair held at Lucasville was in 1900 at Dugan’s (a local farmer) Grove. Early fairs were held in several locations, including Portsmouth (beginning in 1828) and Mt. Joy (including in 1896) sporadically through the summers into the early 1900s. Around 1908 the separate Fairs combined their forces (all were losing huge amounts of money) and formed the Scioto County Fair Company and agreed to host an annual County Fair at Lucasville. Only in 1942 during World War II was the fair ever cancelled.

Linda Arthur Jennings wrote: I think the county fair was also in New Boston before Lucasville became it’s home.

Bob Batterson wrote: Here is the complete history of the Scioto County Fair. http://www.sciotocountyfair.org/index.php/history