You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

July 28, 2013

Frisch’s Restaurant In Rosemount Submitted by Mike Clifford

Larry Matiz wrote: I remember the circle I made. Burger Chef, Shawnee Restaurant, then out to the Big Boy and maybe Purdy’s Restaurant.

Mary Will Chapman wrote: Me too! That’s where I first learned to like “unplain” hamburgers.

Jim Detty wrote: Alot of great things to see in this picture. The old phone booth, the older cars, and that Chevy pickup with the cap on it. Shame this is all now a concrete slab.

Willard A. Williams wrote: Just to the right of this picture was Virg Howell’s Rosemount Point Ashland Service Station.

Andy Russell wrote: It’s a shame a new Frisch’s can’t be built here. As a Rosemount boy this brings back alot of after game memories..

Joe Steele wrote: Took a lot of dates to the Big Boy then to the Scioto Breeze. Was a good time to be young.

Loretta Keyser wrote: Our hangout after Clay’s basketball games!

Jan Thompson wrote: The restaurants were so good. The food was amazing.

Donna Watters Oddie wrote: Does anyone remember their strawberry pie with that wonderful glaze? I remember my friend Nancy Rayburn and I would order a pie with just the glaze and no strawberries. Amazing.