One lane closed on 52-East in NB through weekend

June 26, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

NEW BOSTON — Road work on U.S. 52 East/Rhodes Avenue in New Boston will continue through Friday, said Village Administrator Steve Hamilton, and the road will remain restricted through the weekend.

The village began work in the 3900 block of Rhodes Avenue early last week to remove humps in the road, and restricted eastbound traffic to one lane. After they started work, Hamilton said crews found more problems than they expected.

“Whoever did the work before, instead of putting back the right granule fill, they just poured asphalt in it and didn’t put no concrete back, or no cement. So it’s all humping up from the heat,” Hamilton said.

He said he doesn’t know who did that job last, if it was the village crew or another entity or when it was done.

“I don’t know who did it, but when they dig up the road they’re supposed to put in the right fill. This hole here that we’re digging right now has about 10 inches of asphalt in it. It should have about seven inches of concrete, plus a sub-base underneath it of about six inches, and then about three inches of asphalt on top of it,” Hamilton said.

More than a week after starting the project, it’s become even more complicated still. What started as a 15-by-15 hole in the road has grown to a 25-by-25 hole in the road. Hamilton reported on Wednesday that when crews dug deeper, they found an old telephone pole sunk beneath the pavement and there were concerns of a possible sewer leak.

“We had to check the big, main sewer line to make sure it wasn’t leaking. So we dug it down around the sewer line to make sure it wasn’t leaking. It wasn’t. What it was, it was just old gutter water where people’s gutters run out and into the street, and it was getting underneath the roadway there,” Hamilton said.

The crews were also pulled away from the roadwork for two days to fix a sewer backup in the 4200 block of Gallia and the 3800 block of Stanton. Finally, Hamilton said, they’re back to work and expect to finish the road this week. He said village road crews will seal the hole with concrete this week and keep the left lane closed on Rhodes Avenue through the weekend to allow it time to cure properly.

“We’re not going to pave any of it right now. We’re going to get the road opened back up, but we’re going to leave enough so when the state comes in to pave it, they can put their inch-a-half on it, or whatever,” Hamilton said.

When asked when the state will pave that road, Hamilton said he did not know. He said the job was included in the state’s five-year forecast about a year ago, but he hasn’t heard any more about it. He and New Boston Mayor James Warren are planning to meet with the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation soon to ask the state for help soon.

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