Mayor says he used city equipment

June 18, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Portsmouth Mayor David Malone says he did use city equipment on a project on his property. After reports into the Daily Times newsroom that Malone was seen using city equipment in a project on a garage on his property, the Daily Times asked him about it and he said he did not use the equipment on his garage.

“I did use city equipment to level some dirt that I had dropped off in my yard,” Malone told the Daily Times. “We allow employees to use equipment and stuff all the time, and I guess it’s just a matter of me being the mayor. Maybe I’m above using city equipment, I guess.”

The Daily Times asked City Service Director Bill Beaumont if it has been the practice of the city to allow employees to use city equipment on their private property.

“It has been, yes,” Beaumont said. “Let’s put it this way, it has been done in the past and that’s all I can say. I have my opinions, but I don’t think there’s anything written in stone.”

The Daily Times received no accusation that any employee was used to work on private property — but asked as a hypothetical question. Beaumont said no city employees are used to do work for anyone on private property.

“These people in the past have borrowed pieces of equipment for work around their house after hours,” Beaumont said. “It’s usually, from what I’ve seen in the past, it has been just maybe a weedwacker, a chainsaw, things like that.”

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