Special council meeting approves CDBG application

June 18, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Portsmouth City Council approved the application for, and Portsmouth Community Development Director Tracy Shearer explained the proposed breakdown of an $82,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) at a special meeting of Portsmouth City Council Monday evening.

Because of a pending deadline, Portsmouth City Council called the special meeting for Monday night at 6 p.m. to authorize Mayor David Malone to submit an application for a Fiscal Year 2013 Community Development Block Grant. The emergency status is in effect because the city must submit the application to the state of Ohio by June 21 of this year.

Since the measure was a Consent Agenda item, First Ward Councilman Kevin W. Johnson moved to suspend the rules calling for an ordinance to be read on three separate occasions. After a 6-0 vote, a motion was made to pass the ordinance.

“Does this particular grant refer to the Oakland Boulevard slip?” Johnson asked Portsmouth Mayor David Malone.

Malone replied in the negative.

“No, this particular grant is not for that,” Malone said. “I think (City Clerk) Mrs. Ratliff just gave Council more information, which has nothing to do with that.”

Shearer broke down where the money would go.

“Approximately $17,500 will go for a roof for the 14th Street Learning Center and Bingo Hall, located on 17th Street,” Shearer said. “The additional amount, minus the administration, which is $43,000, is for demolition.”

Shearer told the Daily Times Tuesday she had not been fully prepared with the figures for that meeting, and that the actual breakdown is as follows: $17,300 for the roof on the 14th Street Community Learning Center and Bingo Hall on 17th Street; $3,000 for Fair Housing; $48,300 for demolition and $13,400 for administration, which totals $82,200.

If the grant request is funded, the city acknowledges and pledges to comply with all conditions and assurances of the CDBG program, such as fair housing, equal opportunity, Uniform Act and other federal and state regulations as applicable. It authorizes the mayor to enter into a contract with the State of Ohio for the amount of the CDBG grant and authorizes the mayor to sign the contract. The mayor would also be authorized to sign other documents, including but not limited to Environmental Review Records, OHPO coordination materials, pay requests, contracts, etc.

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