Area workers ready for looming storms

PDT Sports Report

June 12, 2013

Frank Lewis and Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writers

Portsmouth City Service Director Bill Beaumont spent the afternoon Wednesday looking at weather sites online to get any indication of potential storms Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

“I don’t see them coming,” Beaumont said. “I’ve been checking the weather all afternoon, and I’m wondering where they’re at.”

That being said, Beaumont said the city is always prepared should a storm strike.

“We have a man on call in the Streets Department and in the Traffic Department,” Beaumont said. “So if lights go out or things like that, the traffic man gets called. He goes out and checks it out. And if he needs help, he calls in the rest of the crew. The same way with the Streets Department. If they have trees down or anything like that, then the main man goes out and checks it out. If he needs more men with chainsaws or anything to take the trees out of the streets, then he calls them out.”

Beaumont said the best case scenario is during work hours when full crews are already on duty, but the city is prepared any hour of the day or night.

“Also the Sewer people have call-outs, and I think the Filtration people also have call-outs,” Beaumont said.

Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman said storm or no storm, county crews are always on standby and ready to be called out with just a moment’s notice.

“We’ve already got a standard procedure to handle those kind of things. Unless it’s a major thing, we’re already geared up to handle the situation because it could happen at any time,” Opperman said.

County supervisors are located throughout the county, he said, and each one of them are ready to respond at any hour of the day or night with equipment to clear roads of fallen trees or brush.

“You just don’t know. Storms can pop up and hit one part of the county and not hit any other part of the county. Of course you can get prepared for a lot of things that never happen, too. We’ve got measures in place to quickly address anything that happens,” Opperman said.