Traffic delays around NB road work

PDT Sports Report

June 11, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

NEW BOSTON — Commuters passing through New Boston should expect delays this week and next, as the Village Service Department removes bumps from parts of Rhodes Avenue and Gallia Street.

New Boston Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said the village began work Tuesday on Gallia Street near CVS, shaving out bumps in the road. That work is expected to be finished by Thursday or Friday, he said, but then the crew will move to work the 3800 block of Rhodes Avenue near Hickie’s Restaurant, and 3900 block of Rhodes Avenue near Daymar College next week.

“There might be some delays, and it will be shut down to one lane for about half-a-block on each job,” Hamilton said. “I’ve got to take out some humps in the asphalt that’s built up that we’ve got to get taken out.”

Work on Rhodes Avenue is expected to be complete by the end of next week (June 21).

“These humps are just coming up, and I found out why. Whoever did the work before, instead of putting back the right granule fill, they just poured asphalt in it and didn’t put no concrete back, or no cement. So it’s all humping up from the heat,” Hamilton said.

He said he doesn’t know who did that job last, if it was the village crew or another entity or when it was done.

“I don’t know who did it, but when they dig up the road they’re supposed to put in the right fill. This hole here that we’re digging right now has about 10 inches of asphalt in it. It should have about seven inches of concrete, plus a sub-base underneath it of about six inches, and then about three inches of asphalt on top of it,” Hamilton said.

After completing these jobs, Hamilton said the village will set its sights further up the road on the 4000 block of Rhodes, near Frank’s Place, where the road is sinking. That’s been a troubled area for several years, Hamilton explained, where some places have holes two- or four-inches deep that can damage vehicles. Hamilton said the village is waiting to receive an estimated cost of that job, which he and Mayor James Warren will personally deliver to the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation in a plea for assistance.

“This southbound lane of U.S. 52 is in terrible shape, and the village don’t have the money to pay for it. I want to get some numbers to show him how much it will cost the village, because they’re going to have to fix that base under it too from where it’s sinking,” Hamilton said. “That southbound lane is just so tore up that we can go out and patch it, or dig it up and do it right, but if the base underneath is not holding up it’s still sinking.”

If the village receives state funding, Hamilton said the job will be put to bid.

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