Memorial weekend at PRP

May 27, 2013

PRP Press Release

Portsmouth Raceway Park featured two nights of racing over the holiday weekend with Veteran’s Recognition Night on Saturday and The Second Annual Boone Coleman Memorial ‘Gator 50’ on Sunday.

Over 80 cars were in attendance Saturday and over 100 filled the pit area on Sunday.

In the Giovanni’s Pizza Late Model Division, Saturday, brought Ben Adkins, of West Pourtsmouth, his very first PRP Late Model win. On Sunday, Jackie Boggs of Grayson, Ky. scored a huge pay day. He led all 50 laps of The Boone Coleman Memorial ‘Gator 50’. For his efforts, he claimed the $5,000 paycheck for winning the race, earned a provisional starting position for this fall’s Dirt Track World Championship and picked up an additional $250 from Lemley Motorsports for setting fast time.

Devin Gilpin, of Columbus Ind., won both R & W Rental Modified A-Mains over the weekend. He has won 51 of 101 races in his current car. Gilpin has already captured 14 victories in 2013.

Matt Melvin, of Coal Grove, was dominant all weekend in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Late Model Division. The newlywed, who exchanged vows earlier this month, led every lap both Saturday and Sunday in picking up his first two wins of the year.

Saturday night in the M & M Inflatables Bombers, Jason Spillman, of West Portsmouth, scored his first-ever PRP victory. On Sunday, three-time PRP champ Shane Pendleton, of Stout, took the checkers.

Each evening had a fair share of drama. Saturday night’s Late Model A-Main brought a back-and-forth battle between Adkins and Rod Conley. Both took turns in the lead before Adkins passed Conley for the final time on lap 15.

Adkins rode the high line to the finish and was visually emotional in the winner’s circle. While he had won at PRP numerous times in the past in the Modified Division, he finally claimed a Late Model victory in Portsmouth that had eluded him for years.

Sunday brought a little redemption for former PRP track champion Jackie Boggs. On the night before he suffered mechanical problems, which sidelined him just after hot laps. After the crew worked all night to repair the car, Boggs came back on Sunday and was dominant. He set the fast time, climbed from sixth to second in the dash, started on the outside pole of the feature and went on to lead every single lap of the A-Main. All of his accomplishments added together provided Boggs with an evening full of earnings valued at $7,250.

The 44-year-old Boggs has won each of the first two Boone Coleman Memorial ‘Gator 50’ races. He also won last year’s Lucas Oil-sanction River Days Rumble at PRP held over Labor Day Weekend.

The most dramatic element of Sunday’s Late Model A-Main occurred with nine laps to go as Boggs and the other front-runners encountered lap traffic. The lap car of Paul Davis went spinning in front of Boggs which forced other lap cars to check up. Boggs had to quickly jerk his steering wheel to the left to avoid rear-ending drivers at the tail of the lead lap. Boggs managed to get his car straightened up just before entering turn 3 and got through the accident unscathed.

Behind Boggs, the second and third-place running cars got together as Jason Montgomery and Steve Lucas both spun around and stopped in the middle of the third and fourth turns. The mishap took both of them out of contention.

One of the bigger accidents of the weekend occurred on Saturday in a Limited Late Model heat race when Kenny McCann, of Vanceburg Ky., got upside down on the frontstretch. Fortunately he walked away from the crash under his own power.

Arguably the most exciting finish of the weekend took place Saturday night in the Modified A-Main. Five-time PRP track champ Doug Adkins led the first 19 laps of the 20-lap feature, but with the white flag flying, Devin Gilpin got under Adkins off of turn 2 and managed to make the winning pass through turns 3 and 4.

PRP’s season continues this coming Saturday with Driver Appreciation Night featuring Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Lates, and Bombers. Gates open at 4 p.m. Racing begins at 7:30.

Feature Results from Saturday 5-25-13

Giovanni’s Pizza Late Models

1. Ben Adkins

2. Rod Conley

3. Kenny Christy

4. Doug Drown

5. Mark Frazier

6. Nick Bocook

7. Paul Davis

8. Delmas Conley

9. Kenneth Howell

10. Josh Bocook

11. Mick Sansom

12. Billy Gullion

13. Coby Bartram

14. Joe Ramey

15. Josh McGuire

16. Daniel Williams

17. Brandon Mather

18. Carl Dillow II

19. Tommy Riggs

20. Keith Sansom

R & W Rental Supply Modifieds

1. Devin Gilpin

2. Doug Adkins

3. Adam Jordan

4. Allen Turner

5. Keith Smith

6. T.J. Harper

7. Rick Hensley

8. Luke Jordan

9. Jimmy Lennex, Jr.

10. Tony DeHart

11. Kevin Hall

12. Jody Puckett

13. Danny Ferguson

14. Bryant Dickison

15. Todd Robinson

16. Dave “Fireball” Pinkerton

17. Greg Anderson

18. Larry Holbrook

19. Davey Warnock

20. Jeremie Bretz

21. Gary Hall III

O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Lates

1. Matt Melvin

2. Mike Meyers

3. John Melvin

4. Robbie Lewis

5. Evyian Terry

6. Jamey Adams

7. Matt Cook

8. Mike Steele

9. Cameron Logan

10. Jessey Lyons, Jr.

11. Kenny Atkins

12. Matt Ginn

13. Tommy Twinam

14. Joe Whitt

15. Rex Frohnapfel

16. Braden Roof

M & M Inflatables Bombers

1. Jason Spillman

2. Corey Lewis

3. Justin Jaynes

4. Conard Newman

5. Shannon Stephens

6. Brett Carey

7. Rick Butler

8. Kenny Taylor

9. Cole Cooper

10. David Potts

11. Justin Miller

12. Mike Drake

13. Phillip Artressia

14. Rick Bush

15. Derek Spencer

16. Zack Pendleton

17. Dustin Pressley

18. Shane Pendleton

19. Kasey Black

20. Craig Naylor

21. Jeremy Brady

Feature Results from Sunday 5-26-13

Giovanni’s Pizza Late Models

1. Jackie Boggs

2. Rod Conley

3. Ben Adkins

4. R.J. Conley

5. Josh McGuire

6. Delmas Conley

7. Josh Bocook

8. Doug Drown

9. Colten Burdette

10. Mick Sansom

11. Shannon Thornsberry

12. J.T. Conley

13. Coby Bartram

14. Kevin Howell

15. Steve Lucas

16. Mark Frazier

17. Jason Montgomery

18. Paul Davis

19. Lee Logan

20. Josh Bocook

R & W Rental Supply Modifieds

1. Devin Gilpin

2. Todd Robinson

3. Scott Lemaster

4. Andrew Corbin

5. Jeremy Hayes

6. Jeremy Rayburn

7. Jimmy Lennex, Jr.

8. Larry Picklesimer

9. Rick Hensley

10. Doug Adkins

11. Luke Jordan

12. Adam Jordan

13. Jason Hall

14. Allen Turner

15. Danny Ferguson

16. Kevin Mayabb

17. Brian Whiteman

18. Dave “Fireball” Pinkerton

19. Ervin Vance

20. Steve Clemmons

O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Lates

1. Matt Melvin

2. Matt Cook

3. Jamey Adams

4. Mike Steele

5. Joe Whitt

6. Bartley Grant

7. Joew Whitt

8. Mike Meyers

9. Cameron Logan

10. Robbie Lewis

11. Adam Colley

12. Evyian Terry

13. Kevin Terry

M & M Inflatables Bombers

1. Shane Pendleton

2. Jason Spillman

3. Conard Newman

4. Shannon Stephens

5. Cole Cooper

6. Corey Lewis

7. Brett Carey

8. Zach Pendleton

9. Jeremy Brady

10. Jeremy Cassidy

11. David Potts

12. Mike Drake

13. Justin Miller

14. Joseph McClain

15. Dustin Pressley

16. Kenny Taylor

17. Rick Butler