SSU Math professor attends national conference

May 25, 2013

Linda Hunt, assistant professor and Developmental Math co-coordinator at Shawnee State University, attended the 37th Annual National Association for Developmental Education Conference and the NADE Certification Institute in Denver, Colo.

This institute is the first step of self-evaluation in best practices in academic support programs. Factors that influence the teaching and learning process are developmental coursework, tutoring, and course-based learning assistance.

After attending the preconference institute, Hunt attended seven conference sessions. The conference sessions included using simple math in complex ways, breaking three-hour math courses into one-hour modules, academic coaching, linking math with reading, number sense, flipped classrooms (getting content before class and using class time to solve problems), activity-based math, and smartpens (capturing audio along with notes).

“There were 40 participants in the NADE Certification Institute and nearly 1,500 conference attendees,” Hunt said. “What a great way to learn about best practices and get ideas on how to help our students become more successful.”