Portsmouth named Purple Heart City

April 9, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Portsmouth Mayor David Malone read a proclamation declaring April 8 “Purple Heart Day,” as a way of designating the city of Portsmouth as one of the first “Purple Heart Cities,” at Monday’s Portsmouth City Council meeting.

“Whereas the Military Order of the Purple Heart organization was founded in 1932 for the protection and mutual interest in all who have received the combat decoration, is composed exclusively of Purple Heart recipients, and is the only Congressionally-chartered veterans service comprised of strictly combat veterans, whereas the Order of the Purple Heart for Military Merit established by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War at Newburgh, N.Y., August 7, 1782, is the largest, oldest military decoration in the world in present use.”

The commander of the local unit of the Order of the Purple Heart, Wendell Skinner, then presented Malone with a plaque.

“The Military Order of the Purple Heart special recognition award is bestowed to the city of Portsmouth, Ohio, Mayor David Malone, and City Council, for the dedication and support honoring America’s combat wounded veterans, becoming a Purple Heart City,” Skinner said.

Skinner said there are guidelines for those who receive the Purple Heart.

“You have to have been wounded in combat,” Skinner said. “And that can be any wound. Some are a lot more serious than others and anybody who has a Purple Heart, it’s a very special honor to be wounded in defense of your country.”

Skinner said there are many wounded veterans who may not know about the Purple Heart Chapter.

“Our Purple Heart group covers Scioto County,” Skinner said. “And anybody who has a Purple Heart can join down here, or transfer down here. Any city that has a Purple Heart Chapter can become a Purple Heart City.”

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