No additional expenses expected for roof project

March 13, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

During the Tuesday meeting of the Scioto County Commissioners, Chairman Mike Crabtree said he is expecting no additional change orders on the estimated $123,000 project to replace the roof on the Scioto County Courthouse.

“They have gotten all or most of the stone off the roof. They have also temporarily patched the roof in places to prevent leaks,” Crabtree said. “They should start putting insulation in soon.”

Recently the Commissioners agreed to a change order that could result in an additional $23,000 being added to the overall cost of the project.

“What this change order is supposed to cover is any and all damage to the insulation between the layer of roofing and the concrete layer in between,” Crabtree said.

The scope of the work includes the installation of a seamless roofing system that is expected to last 20 years.

“There are a number of leaks in the roof currently, there is a layer of insulation between the rubber roof material and the concrete. Over the years, damage has been done to the insulation layer, we just don’t know the extent of the damage. There is about 23,000 square foot of roof and some of that (insulation) will no doubt will have to be replaced,” Crabtree said. “They have done enough work where they have come upon some rot or decay in the insulation. So, before they can put the new roof on they have to repair and replace some if not all of that.”

In February the commissioners awarded a contract to Five Star Commercial Roofing out of Hartford City, Ind. for the project valued at $99,990.

Crabtree said the added work costs a thousand dollars a square foot with a number not to exceed $23,000.

“We are hoping there will be no more surprises. I discussed the latest change order with Five Star (Roofing) and they assured me there would be no other hidden costs. So, the project would top out at $123,000 which is still much less than we originally thought it would be,” Crabtree said. “If we end up with a good job and no more than that, I will be satisfied.”

According to released information, Five Star Commercial Roofing will remove the existing roof and lay down a layer of starbond cold applied modified bitumen, then place a base sheet on top of that, then add another layer of starbond cold applied modified bitumen on top of that crews will add a 14-feet poly-flex fiber membrane then another layer of starbond cold applied modified bitumen.

Crews will then add another 14-feet poly-flex fiber membrane, then another layer of starbond cold applied modified bitumen and finally apply a cover layer of Starfire Aluminum Chips.

Crabtree said the aluminum chips are installed as an effort to keep the temperature of below 120 degrees. He said the current roof kept the temperature below 200 degrees.

According to Scioto County Commissioner Doug Coleman, with the recent change order crews are expected finish the job toward the end of April.

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