Pond Lick Lake Dam will not be breached

February 8, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

The Forestry Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will not drain Pond Lick Lake in Shawnee Forest. Though it had been indicated that the lake had issues, the state has passed on any proposal to close out that facility.

“The intention of the Department of Natural Resources is to fix the problems there, and to preserve that lake,” Matt Eiselstein of the ODNR said. “It has been very important for Forestry, and we know the community loves the lakes. So the Division of Forestry and Engineering, came up with a way they can get that fixed.”

Eiselstein said he has not seen the plan, and isn’t sure that the Division has come up with a working plan at this point. He said no cost for the project has been set yet either.

“We’re headed into the budget next week, so we’ll know a little better what we can do there,” Eiselstein said. “Unfortunately I probably won’t have that number until next week.”

“The project hopefully will get started shortly,” Eiselstein said.

According to environmental activist Barbara Lund, officials had believed that a deterioration of the dam would flood homes in that area, but she said she does not believe that would happen. She said she considers work done on the lake to be a “waste of taxpayers money.”

When draining the lake was being considered, Cheryl Carpenter of Voices for the Forest, in a letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch, said Pond Lick Lake is listed in the scenic-drive brochure as a point of beauty. “A rich and interesting history surrounds the lakes.”

“These lakes are self-sustaining ecological systems, home to a multitude of life forms and living organisms, as well as a habitat for at least several rare species. If drained, this is destroyed forever,” Carpenter said.

The issue will be revisited in subsequent editions of the Daily Times as more information becomes available.

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