May the fowest be wif you

January 26, 2013

Dudley Wooten

PDT Contributor

Helwo, it’s Elmer Fudd again, wight out here amongst ‘em.

As you know, I’m a twee wover and for all you other twee wovers out there in bwutiful southern Ohio, I would wecommend a wittle twip in the woods this time of wear. I’m out here chasing these wascal deer and I’m weally impwessed wif the twees. Now that most of them are just standing awound naked, the weast we could do is act like we care.

We see the bwutiful tall wellow poplar twees standing so tall and stwaight, full of white wumber. We see the gweat wed oak and white oak twees in their tewiffic size and valwue.

They’ve wost their weaves, but now you can apweciate their huge twunks. The maple fall orwange and wed is gone but they’re still bwutiful.

One of the unsung hewoes in our woods is the beech twee. We have the American beech, that is a big ol’ twee with smooth gway bark. It holds its bwown weaves long into the winter.

Many of our fowest cweatures make their home in the beech twee. We also have a wittle twee called the bwue beech because it has a smove gway bark that is a wittle darker or bwuer. This same wittle twee is also called musclewood because it has buldges under its smoove bark like muscles (like Elmer).

Then there’s the wonely dogwood. In the spwing, it has the wovewy white bwooms and in winter it has large bwoon buds, but you can always tell a dogwood by its bark.

Get it? Huh-huh-huh-huh. (Sometimes I’m so cwever, I just kill me.)

Sewiously folks, it’s weally, weally bwutiful out here amongst ‘em in this winter wonder wand. Wittle Waura thinks I’m just out here hawassing the wascal deer but I’m weally out here socialwizing wif Mover Nature. Awexandew Gwaham Belw was quite intelwigent and he often said, “Weave the beaten twack behind, and dive into the woods.”

He always had a weal big cuwious. This ol’ girl looks pretty good to me evewy time I wook at her, whether it’s just a quick gwance, or taking a wight smart wook at her, up cwose and pewsonal. She will always be good to us if we tweat her wight.

When you wead this stuff that G. Sam Piatt, and that Wooten chawacter are wighting, you might think they’re a wittle bit crazy or tetched in the bwain, but I weckon they just have a weal weverence for Mover Nature, wike Elmer. If you don’t bewieve them, bewieve the twee of life: “The more you wead, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow.”

There’s a wot to wearn out here wif Mover Nature. My mama always did say, “You can wearn a wot more by wistening, than by talking.”

When your world gets a wittle too scwewy, just take a hike – to the gweat outdoors. Mover Nature is there for the asking.

She can answer and apweciate all your questions. She’s a weal smart ol’ girl and she’s been awound a wight smart wonger than we have.

Ol’ Elmer is smelwing a tewible awoma. At first, I thought it was Pepe Lapew, but I have figured out that I’m sitting on a wild onwion.

I weckon it’s time to move. As much as I would wike to stick awound and socialwize wif you, I’d better get after those wascal deer.

“A-Hunting we will go, A-Hunting we will go, Hi-Ho the dawio, A-Hunting we will go. Huh-huh-huh-huh.” May the fowest be wif you.

E. Fudd