Greenup Deputy stuck by needle during meth bust

Bret Bevens, PDT Sports Writer

January 5, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

The operation of a meth lab has again put children and a law enforcement officer in danger.

Friday, at around 5:30 p.m. deputies, from the Greenup County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by the Kentucky State Police, went to 57 Water Street in Greenup with the intent to serve papers on a subject at that residence.

Deputies said, upon entering the residence, they discovered an active meth lab in a back bedroom. Deputies said the meth lab was being operated by Nick Kintigos, 43, and Melissa Gillum, 26. Deputies immediately evacuated two children from the residence and secured the lab and product.

Deputies said, during the course of the arrest, Kintigos became violent with officers and had to be subdued, and during the routine search Deputy Cody Fuller was stuck by a needle contained in the suspect’s pocket.

After securing the scene and calling for the KSP decontamination team, Fuller transported himself to the Our Lady of Bellfonte Hospital emergency room for treatment and tests. The minor children were transported by family members to the same hospital for decontamination.

Both Kintigos and Gillum were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and wanton endangerment. Kintigos was also charged with menacing, resisting arrest, possession of drug parphernalia and numerous narcotic drugs.

According to the Greenup County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation is ongoing, and other charges are likely to be added. The case is being investigated by Fuller assisted by deputy Rick Craft.

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