More people are volunteering

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

December 19, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

According to a report recently released by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) the number of people volunteering in America hit a five-year high in 2011.

According to the report, 26.8 percent of Americans (64.3 million) are volunteers equaling one in every four adults. In 2011 volunteers raked in 7.85 billion hours of service. Parents of school-aged children contributed more than 2.5 billion hours of their time to volunteer efforts in 2011, most of it to school-based projects, underscoring the pivotal role that schools play as hubs for local volunteer efforts. The 7.9 billion hours these individuals volunteered is valued at $171 billion.”

As a part of the report, every state along with its major cities are profiled.

According to the report, Ohio is ranked 28th among the 50 states with an estimated 26.8 percent of residents volunteering, which contributed 255.3 million hours of service or $5.7 billion in services in 2011.

According to released information the Shawnee State University Center for Community Service had more than 1,223 SSU students donating a total of 18,821 hours to the Portsmouth and Scioto County area in 2011.

“If you multiply those hours by the minimum wage, we have donated more than $139,000 to the community,” said Nikki Karabinis, coordinator for the SSU Center for Community Service.

In 2011 CNCS and the U.S. Department of Education named SSU to the U.S. President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

“Volunteering and civic engagement are the cornerstone of a strong nation,” said Wendy Spencer, CEO of CNCS in a released statement. “Hurricane Sandy provides a prime example of the importance of people working together, with volunteers throughout the Northeast and elsewhere in the country stepping up to support recovery and relief efforts. When volunteers and residents come together, it has a positive and powerful impact on a community.”

For more information about the Corporation for National and Community Service visit www.nationalservice.gov.

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