Daily Times welcomes new editorial leadership

Cortney Throckmorton

December 7, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Bob Strickley has been named content manager of the Portsmouth Daily Times. The position essentially puts Strickley, the former sports editor of the Daily Times, in a position of management over the entire editorial department. Strickley said he was notified of the promotion by Daily Times General Manager Michael Messerly and Daily Times Publisher John Clark Thursday afternoon.

Prior to taking over the Sports Department at the Daily Times, Strickley was working for a series of weekly newspapers south of Boston, Massachusetts. Strickley graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in journalism and worked as a stringer and for two web publications before moving to Massachusetts.

“I moved back home to Cincinnati, and I found my job here,” Strickley said.

Strickley said he has definite priorities as he assumes the new job.

“There’s already an established set of people in this newsroom who know what they’re doing,” Strickley said. “My hope is to give them a boost and to support them and give them the resources they need and as a leader, to usher this paper through the next stage of the journalism process, which is a combination of both print and online.”

Strickley said he hopes to have more public outreach toward the readers of the paper to give them exactly what they want.

“I would like to dig a little deeper, and to enable our reporters to dig a little deeper, enabling them to give a daily product that our readers will enjoy,” Strickley said.

Strickley, who lives in Wheelersburg, said there is always a dialogue that takes place between reporters and the public.

“A lot of what we do is dictated by anonymous tips or ideas from our readers on what we should do stories on,” Strickley said. “And reader feedback is always important to the process. And it guides us a lot of the time on our editorial process.”

Strickley addressed the public perception that because there are less pages in a newspaper that there is less content.

“Our goal every day is to fill the paper from front to back with local content that matters most to the people who live in this community and surrounding communities,” Strickley said. “That’s our job, to keep the public informed of what’s going on on a day-to-day basis in their government and around their lives. The definition of news is what affects people the most personally. And what we do, on a daily basis, is to strive to fill our paper with the most relevant news affecting each person who lives in southern Ohio.”

Messerly said he is confident in the selection of Strickley to run the newsroom.

“Bob has already served two years as sports editor so he is much more familiar with the area than someone from outside of the market. Plus as a sports editor, he probably is more familiar with the smaller area communities than someone may be from the news side. Media today is produced on several different platforms so having Bob leading our content efforts best addresses the new challenges all forms of media face,” Strickley said.

What issues does the move pose for the Daily Times sports department?

“We expect to make a quick transition in our sports leadership,” Messerly said. “Bob will oversee both news and sports for the meantime. But, the expectation is to bring in someone who can address our needs in other forms of media, primarily video. We expect to do a lot of high school sports video in the near future.”

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