Canned goods project benefits elementary students

Cortney Throckmorton

December 6, 2012

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

Cans for Christ, a collection of canned goods project, has been launched by a local man to benefit elementary students in need. Brandon Hoyme, of McDermott, set a goal to collect 5,000 canned goods to distribute amongst the local elementary schools.

Hoyme said he was moved with compassion to reach out to impoverished elementary students.

“Cans for Christ involves two cans of soup, two cans of vegetables, and one can of fruit,” Hoyme said.

Hoyme said he was inspired by a story that he heard on the Gospel radio station, K-Love.

“It all started when I was listening to K-Love one day. They were talking about giving coats away to kids that were going to be cold for Christmas. That’s when I thought to myself, ‘well what can I do? I want to do my part for God’,” Hoyme said.

He said he desired to reach out to the elementary student population because many of these students reside in very poor households.

“I know of a kid in a local elementary school that did not want to go home, because he said that there was nothing for him to eat, ” Hoyme said.

Hoyme said the funds for the canned goods came exclusively from donations that have transcended the local area.

“My first $100 came in from a friend of mine, Brandi Owen in Tennessee. On top of that I’ve had friends bring me cans, people that I don’t even know to bring me cans, or send me money. I would just go straight to the store and purchase more and more canned goods,” he said. “My goal was 5,000 cans, I knew it was a big number, especially for one person, but I knew that if people came together, and pray for this I could reach my goal.”

Hoyme said his prayers were answered when he reached a total of 5,100 cans, exceeding his goal by 100 cans by Thursday, Dec. 6.

Ultimately, he said, all of the credit goes to God for providing the resources need to carry the project out. He said his faith in God gives him the confidence to believe that he will reach his goal.

“My family also has been a tremendous help, as well as friends. I could not have done it without them,” he said.

Hoyme said he hopes to continue the Cans for Christ project next year.

“I plan on doing this next year, but trying to make it bigger. I’ll probably start in early September next year, now that I have an idea of what it all involves,” Hoyme said.

To learn more about Cans for Christ canned goods collection, visit Brandon Michael Hoyme’s Facebook page.

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