Eden Park sewer project ready for construction

November 28, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

According to Scioto County Sanitary Engineer Joe Delong, the Eden Park Sewer Project is now fully funded and ready for construction. A $2.3 million contract has been awarded to J&H Erectors. Once started, construction is expected to take a year.

“We have all of our funding in place and the pre-construction meeting is set for Dec. 13. At this point I doubt if they start construction until the the first of the year,” Delong said.

The Scioto County Commissioners recently passed a resolution establishing a mandatory hookup of sewer taps and establishing a deadline for connection to the sewer project. In the resolution, homeowners are given 90 days after the system is installed to comply with the resolution. The resolution also orders homeowners to stop, “the discharge of sewage or other waste into a cesspool, ditch, private sewer, privy, septic tank or other outlets,” once the system is installed.

Once installed, the Eden Park Sewer Project will run along Ohio 139 and Munn’s Run northeast of New Boston and will serve 245 homes and businesses.

“With this project well on its way, we can focus our efforts on the Minford Sewer Project. We’re down to less than 30 easements. We still need to get of 740,” Delong said.

He said in order for the project to proceed the county will have to take some residents to court seeking an easement. The determination on how many will be taken to court will be determined within the next week, he said.

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