222 votes rejected in final elections count

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

November 21, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

According to the Scioto County Board of Elections, 222 votes were invalidated in the final count on Monday. The Board met and went through each ballot in question, including provisional ballots and some absentee votes that came back within the allotted time, so that they could be added to the tabulation.

Thirty-nine absentee votes were rejected - 15 voted absentee after the postmark day, 12 with no identification, 5 with no signatures, 3 who registered and voted the same day, 1 envelope had no ballot, 1 absentee vote was returned with to stub, another with no I.D. and 1 with no identification and no signature.

Forty-five absentee votes from precinct 1-B were not originally scanned and 1 from union-D had not been scanned. Among the provisional ballots, 171 were not registered. Those votes were not counted, but those people are now registered. Twenty-eight people voted in the wrong precinct. However, 5 filled out papers that they knew they were in the wrong precinct.

One provisional had no signature, 10 provisional were by people who were registered in another county. Four provisional were by people who now live in Kentucky, and four provisional ballots had no envelopes. In 6 of the provisional votes, the envelopes were inside the ballots, and in the case of three votes, the ballots had no envelopes, but the ballots were in the same place, but they were not together.

One of the more interesting votes was from someone who voted at the Board of Elections, and in their own precinct, casting two votes. Legal advise was sought, and it was determined that one of the votes should count, and one be invalidated.

In other action, before the votes could be scanned, 22 needed to be remade before they could be scanned.

A discussion ensued concerning precinct errors, and training of precinct officials, and the need to make sure everyone who works at a precinct is completely trained as to how to deal with such issues as someone attempting to vote who is not on the precinct list.

Out of 1,265 votes to begin the day, 1,038 were finally scanned. That was followed by a re-scanning of all of the votes from election night, before coming out with a final count.

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