Coleman defeats Reiser for commissioner

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

November 19, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Doug Coleman says he intends to get right down to business when he becomes the newest Scioto County Commissioner in January.

“I promise you I’m gonna hit the ground running,” Coleman said. “And I’m going to do a good job for everybody in Scioto County. I’ll work for the steel mill (the proposed New Steel project). I’ll work for anything for Scioto County.”

The Scioto County Board of Elections made the November election official Monday afternoon when they added 1,038 provisional and more absentee votes to the previous total. Among the elections that were verified by the count was Coleman’s win over incumbent Scioto County Commissioner, Tom Reiser, 15,182 to 14,971. That’s 50.35 percent to 49.65 percent.

“I’ve been a nervous wreck for the last couple of weeks,” Coleman said. “But I’m glad it turned out like it did. Regardless of what party affiliation it is, I’ll do the best I can for Scioto County.”

Reiser had all but conceded the election last week saying - “When you get fired or you lose an election, your next step is retirement. You just have to go through the steps to retire. This is effective at the end of my term.” Reiser served as a Commissioner for 12 years, and had been an educator, prior to that position. Reiser, who has been intimately involved in the attempt to locate the New Steel plant in Franklin Furnace, says he will continue to help bring that project to fruition.

The other two commissioners, Skip Riffe, who was not up for re-election, and Mike Crabtree who narrowly defeated challenger Donnie Rachford, remain as the other two members of the Commission.

“I don’t think the people will regret voting for me,” Coleman said. “I’ll do them a good job, I promise them that.”

Coleman said he is inspired by his late brothers

“I’ve been a hard worker all my life, and I’d love to see Scioto County do good,” Coleman said. “I’ve got a little granddaughter getting ready to go to Shawnee State. I don’t want these kids to go out of town. I want to work hard to get anything we can in here.”

Coleman said he intends to listen to area citizens.

“Anybody who has an opinion about anything, I’m going to have a meeting at my own expense - I want to make that clear - and get people’s influence on things, what we can do to make the county better,” Coleman said. “I want everybody involved in it.”

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