Police make weekend drug arrests

November 16, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Aaron D. Armes, 22, of 6150 Harding Ave., in Sciotoville, is facing charges of possession of drugs - marijuana and drug paraphernalia, after being arrested around 11:43 p.m. last Friday.

Portsmouth police officers located Armes in a black pickup truck behind Sister’s Dairy Bar in the 5800 block of Harding Avenue. Officers said he had a strong odor of burnt marijuana on his breath and on his person.

When officers frisked Armes, they asked him if he had any weapons or anything he shouldn’t have, and he told them he had - “a knife and one-eights of weed.” The officers removed the knife from his pants pocket. They also located two baggies which field tested positive for marijuana, and totaled 3.7 grams. They reportedly also located a metal pipe with burnt marijuana residue and a book of rolling papers. He was taken to the Scioto County Jail.

In an unrelated incident around 8:04 p.m. on Saturday, officers took Clarence S. Craft, 53, of 1736 Fifth St., Portsmouth into custody and charged him with possession of drugs - cocaine and criminal trespassing after he was reportedly arrested for being on Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing Authority, Farley Square, in Portsmouth.

Captain Lynn Brewer and Narcotics Detective Steve Timberlake were working off duty detail for PMHA when they observed a subject exit a vehicle in the area of 15th Street and Waller Street, and walk east onto PMHA property while another subject waited in the car. The subject walking was later identified as Clarence Craft. The vehicle reportedly spotted the officers and left the scene traveling south on Waller Street, leaving Craft behind.

Craft walked back westbound through Farley Square to the Waller Street side, and after he realized he had been left, reportedly began making cell phone calls. When he got to the corner of 14th Street and Waller Street, he was stopped by Timberlake. Timberlake conducted a pat down of Craft for possible weapons. Craft reportedly told Timberlake he had a knife in his pocket. Timberlake also located two cell phones, a $10 bill, a key chain and a small piece of plastic with a white rocky substance. Craft reportedly told officers it was crack cocaine and he had bought it for $40 at Farley Square.

After Craft was processed at the Portsmouth Police Department and taken to the Scioto County Jail, the substance was tested and it tested positive for cocaine.

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