LSSWMD opens in new office location

November 16, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District (LSSWMD) opened on Tuesday, Nov. 13, in their new office space in Ironton. According to Dan Palmer, director of the LSSWMD, the staff has made the transition and are working out some of the finer details of the move.

“We have our new phones in, our office equipment is already lined up,” Palmer said. “We have had to do a lot of stuff and we are still getting settled in but, we are pretty well there. I’m very pleased with the transition.”

The LSSWMD board of directors recently voted to end its relationship with Lawrence County Community Action (CAO), effective Nov. 9. The staff or the LSSWMD are now considered Scioto County Employees.

“For the past 12 years we’ve been associated with the Community Action Organization of Lawrence County. They’ve provided us (LSSWMD) with good service and a lot of assistance in establishing the district,” said Tom Reiser, Scioto County Commissioner and Chairman of the LSSWMD Board of Directors.

Reiser said he considered the move a business decision.

Palmer said the corporation the district has received in the transition has been eminence.

“Everyone in this quick transition has been so good to us. I can’t say enough have everyone that’s been involved,” Palmer said.

Palmer said their previous office space was in a converted garage with no windows to downtown offices with lots of windows. The new LSSWMD office is located at 109 North Third St., in Ironton. Palmer said the LSSWMD phone numbers have remained the same, with a new fax number of 740-532-0500. The e-mail for district staff has also changed to sciotocounty.net servers.

Palmer said since they opened in the new location, several members of the community have stopped in to wish them the best. He said it’s the intention of the district to keep programing in Lawrence and Scioto County.

For more information about the Lawrence Scioto County Solid Waste Management District visit their website at www.lssemd.org.

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