Buckler working to build court

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

November 9, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

On Tuesday in the general election, Scioto County voters chose Jerry Buckler as the Scioto County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Court Judge. Since the election, Buckler is beginning to shape what his court will look like.

He said since the election the support has, “been overwhelming, I’m starting to realize we put forth a strong effort and my whole team worked very hard. Now the hard part is just beginning,” Buckler said. “I’m going to have to assemble a team, there are some hiring I’ll have to make. All of this has to be done by January 2nd.”

He said there were many keys for him to win the election.

“Having been a former teacher and a teacher at Shawnee State and all of the different activities I’ve done through the county helped me win this election. People got to know me through those activities,” Buckler said. “Now the hard part some into play, once you win an election like this, you realize you are going to be responsible for lives. The issues that come before the domestic relations court are very serious and I have to be a reasonable person and make reasonable decisions.”

Buckler said once he take office he is going to be a caring and compassionate judge.

“I’m going to rely on my legal training and my unique experiences and background to help me make informed, fair reasonable decisions,” Buckler said.

He said among the many things that need to be done before the takes office is closing his private law office and hiring a staff.

“I have a couple of people in mind for positions. I’m planing to circulate an email through the bar association that I will be taking applications for the position of magistrate,” Buckler said.

He said his personnel hires have to be done prior to his swearing in.

“I will want all of these positions filled by that time, they will be sworn in the same day I’m sworn in. I would assume my swearing in would be in December. We are working on arranging that as well.” Buckler said.

Buckler said he has asked Portsmouth Municipal Court Judge Steven Mowery to swear him into office.

“He’s been a mentor of mine, a good friend of mine and he is the judge that I’m assigned to as an assistant city prosecutor,” Buckler said.

He said the details of the swearing in will be forthcoming.

Buckler said once in office he plans to hit the ground running.

“I want to help facilitate the limitations of time. Time is the big problem in that court in that a case can be in that court to long. I want to do what ever I can do to help move things along more smoothly,” Buckler said. “I also want to give the judge, or me, more difficult cases. As opposed to letting the magistrate handle them.”

Buckler said he and his staff will have their hands full from day one.

“I am very hopeful that Judge Willis and his staff will make this transition smooth. It’s necessary for that to happen for me to hit the ground running.”

Buckler also currently serves as a member of the Valley School Board. Buckler said he will have to resign that position prior to taking office. He has served nine years of the Valley School Board.

“My whole life has been about children and being on that board of education has been very important to me. I will definitely miss that, I’ve just been entrusted with an even bigger job now and I think I can help children even more,” Buckler said.

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