Area players pick up district honors

November 6, 2012

Bob Strickley

PDT Sports Editor

The recently released Southeast All-District Soccer Honors list features dozens of area players who had sensational 2012 seasons.

The highest honor went to Joseph Winters, who won Division III Southeast District Player of the Year. Winters helped lead the Indians to their first District final in 14 seasons and also broke Valley’s single season scoring record with 41 goals.

In Division II, Chris Williamson of Waverly won Coach of the Year honors after leading the Tigers to a second-straight district final appearance.

Waverly also had two Division II First Team performers in Jean Paul White and Jacob Purpero.

The Division III Boys First Team list was heavily occupied with area players including Shane Buckley and Matt Mohr of Glenwood, Darren Martin and Nick Blackburn of Minford, Gabe Howard of Northwest, Mason Pelphrey of Clay, Zach Dials of West, Derek Rowe and Seth Goddard of South Webster, Scott Adkins and Joseph Winters of Valley and Alex Dalton and Keith Thurmer of Wheelersburg.

Three schools had Girls First Team performers in Division III. Minford’s Megan Montavon made the list as did Hagean Mershon of West and Miranda Howard of Valley.

District Honors

Player of the Year:

Boys Division III - Joseph Winters, Valley

Boys Division II - Casey Zupi, Unioto

Boys Division I - Patrick Klinger, Logan

Girls Division III - Taylor Scott, Lynchburg Clay

Girls Division II - Rachel Conaway, Chillicothe

Girls Division I - None

Coach of the Year:

Boys Division III - Gus Denzik, Peebles

Boys Division II - Chris Williamson, Waverly

Boys Division I - None

Girls Division III - George Sauer III, Zane Trace

Girls Division II - Leslie Molen, Hillsboro

Girls Division I - None

Area Boys Division II First Teamers

Waverly - Jean Paul White

Waverly - Jacob Purpero

Area Boys Division II Second Teamers

Waverly - Hudson Diener

Waverly - Willie Bevens

Area Boys Division II Honorable Mentions

Waverly - Jonathan Burkitt

Waverly - Luke McAllister

Area Boys Division III First Teamers

Glenwood - Shane Buckley

Glenwood - Matt Mohr

Minford - Darren Martin

Minford - Nick Blackburn

Northwest - Gabe Howard

Clay - Mason Pelphrey

West - Zach Dials

South Webster - Derek Rowe

South Webster - Seth Goddard

Valley - Scott Adkins

Valley - Joseph Winters

Wheelersburg - Alex Dalton

Wheelersburg - Keith Thurmer

Area Boys Division III Second Teamers

Glenwood - Billy Nichols

Minford - Travis Gampp

Minford - Kurt Newsome

Northwest - Drew Scarberry

Northwest - Dylan Amburgey

Clay - Eldin Sarajlic

South Webster - Lance Swords

South Webster - Denver Fuller

Valley - Bryce Romanello

Valley - Rodney Hamilton

Wheelersburg - Matt Boll

Wheelersburg - Mark Dalton

Area Boys Division III Honorable Mentions

Glenwood - James Mohr

Glenwood - Brendon Herrforth

Minford - Josh Parsons

Minford - Eli Shoemaker

Northwest - Lee Wartluft

Northwest - Christian Riley

Clay - Tommy Martin

Clay - Dennis Conkel

West - Gabe Durant

West - Austin Wetzel

South Webster - Tyler Sowards

South Webster - Andrew Salisbury

Valley - Tyler Montavon

Valley - Chris Martin

Wheelersburg - Mark Butler

Wheelersburg - Ethan Hiles

Area Girls Division III First Teamers

Minford - Megan Montavon

West - Hagean Mershon

Valley - Miranda Howard

Area Girls Division III Second Teamers

Minford - Morgan Perry

Minford - Carrie Wynn

Northwest - Haley Gubernath

West - Allie Hoggard

Area Girls Division III Honorable Mentions

Minford - Sarah Shumway

Minford - Abby Fuhrmann

West - Emily Baker

West - Cammy Oiler