Benefit performance a blast

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

October 16, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

These are the hardest columns to write. When you right about a show, especially a show loaded with talented individuals, you invariably leave someone out and they sometimes feel you didn’t notice their performance. Let me say right off the bat, I was amazed by every performance by everyone who participated in My Friend Dr. Vincent Scarpinato’s “The World Goes ‘Round,” benefit at Portsmouth Little Theater.

It goes without saying, I believe Vincent is one of the most talented people I know, and unfortunately when I cover an event like that I almost take him for granted. But I can tell you, he was, as always, someone who can make you laugh one minute and fight back tears the next.

At the top of my list of great performers has to be Melanie Manchester, who was called on numerous times to almost stand alone, and she responded like a professional. She was hot in “When You’re Good To Mama,” and absolutely a scream when she teamed up with the very talented Barb Glockner for “Class.” Speaking of Barb Glockner, I am not only extremely impressed with her marvelous singing voice, but her comical timing is spot on. Who knew she was so absolutely funny? The audience was screaming when she and Eric Armstrong for “Arthur In The Afternoon.”And if you talk about Barb, you have to talk about her skit-mate Stephanie Schaefer, who gave a (watch me coin a new phrase here) Carol Burnette-ish performance that would have brought the great lady of TV to whistles and cheers. Stephanie is hilarious.

The cast was superb - the exquisitely beautiful and talented Andrea Bodmer, Brandon and Tara Bomsta; Victoria Castle; Jason Chaney and Nick Erlenwein; Tori Leader, Ryan Majher, Grace and Olivia Morgan, Rick Payne, Brittany Pfau, Jessica Powell, and Michael Raies, who, in addition to having the best voice in Scioto County, was an absolute scream in “Mr. Cellophane.” Add to the list another of my good friends Jacob Tolliver and Michael Stapleton, and that is just the beginning of those who should be credited with giving of their hearts to entertain, and more importantly, raise money for the SOMC Breast Cancer Compassion Fund.

Now, let me bring this all together. There was a thread that ran through many of the performers. It’s difficult not to notice the influence of the musical director for the event, Linda Tieman. I would like to see a list someday of the number of people whose lives she has touched. Nearly every time I discover someone with great musical and acting abilities, I will read their biography and find out they are often a product of the great music program at Portsmouth West High School, which, by the way, also has a great instrumental department and a great marching band.

There were many more people involved in the show, and each did a tremendous job. Everyone who participated can be extremely proud of the event. A special thanks to the Service Guild at SOMC for their generous $5,000 gift to make the show possible.

Now, on a serious note. Vincent quoted statistics I did not memorize Saturday night. I only know that it hits you in the gut when you hear how many women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer. It also gets to your heart when you learn how much of the expenses involved slip through the cracks. That is why Dr. Vincent Scarpinato created the SOMC Breast Cancer Compassion Fund, to handle expenses not covered by insurance. So why not sit down and write a check to that fund. One hundred percent of the money from that fund goes directly to providing for those things so important to women diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a generous community with a heart for those in need, and I know I can be assured the people in this great community will respond. Thanks in advance.

Frank Lewis may be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 232, or at flewis@heartlandpublications.com